• Hotel Urban 5*GL Madrid
  • Hotel Urban 5*GL Madrid
  • Hotel Urban 5*GL Madrid

The Hotel Urban 5*GL is an exquisite combination of the most avant-garde architecture and design with exotic and original pieces of ethnological and tribal art from Papua New Guinea collected by Jordi Clos. A unique set of features for a highly singular style.

  • Hotel Urban 5*GL Madrid
  • Hotel Urban 5*GL Madrid
  • Hotel Urban 5*GL Madrid

In addition, in the different areas throughout the hotel and its rooms, there is a collection of
Chinese, Indian and African
pieces which have an incalculable artistic and historical value, including Chinese portraits from the 18th and 19th centuries, and 19th century Indian figurines.

Hotel Urban 5*GL Madrid


The space of the Museum Room is exclusively dedicated to artworks from Papua New Guinea. This includes a display of jewellery and clothing, with necklaces, diadems and ritual objects such as knives or yam masks.
An exciting journey of discovery, exploring the works of ethnic groups that have preserved many of their ancient traditions to this day.

Hotel Urban 5*GL Madrid

Some of the most impressive elements of this collection were originally found in the Tambaran, or Houses of the Spirits, and are on display in the reception space and interior atrium, including ceremonial chairs, totem poles and ancestral figures.

The artwork in the collection can be found in every nook and cranny of the hotel, as well as inside the rooms.



As well as a hotelier, Jordi Clos is an Egyptologist, collector and sponsor of art. He chairs the Clos Archaeological Foundation and the Egyptian Museum of Barcelona, the largest private collection of Egyptian art in Europe on display to the public and has been funding archaeological digs in Egypt for over twenty years.
  • Jordi Clos i Llombart

    President of Derby Hotels Collection

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